The mission of the Chikondi Health Foundation is to glorify God and His Son Jesus by promoting spiritual & physical health.


The Chikondi Health Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization based in the United States that was organized by people who have a love for the medical and spiritual work at Blessings Hospital in Lumbadzi, Malawi. “Chikondi” is an appropriate  name because it is the word for “love” in the Chichewa language of central Malawi. We are a partnership organization to the Malawian leadership of Blessings Hospital.

The objectives of the Chikondi Health Foundation are to:

  • improve the spiritual and physical health of the people of Malawi through Blessings Hospital & local churches

  • provide an advisory role for the Malawian leadership of Blessings Hospital

  • act as a funding arm to supplement local income, providing personnel, infrastructure & equipment needs

  • organize visiting American volunteers for service at Blessings Hospital

  • provide professional education for future Malawian medical practitioners

    Dr. John Mark Vermillion and Dr. Jimmy Dockery operate on a patient in May 2014

    Dr. John Mark Vermillion and Dr. Jimmy Dockery operate on a patient in May 2014

Malawian patients pay a small fee for services at Blessings Hospital.  This income generates about half of the annual operating budget of the hospital.  Outside funding allows us to increase patient services and keep fees low.  In order to be able to serve the poorest in the community, we keep patient fees as low as possible. Currently it costs 300 Malawi Kwacha (approximately 75 cents) for a consultation with the clinical officer. Your generous donations will help ensure we keep those fees extremely reasonable.

The foundation is assisting the ministry financially in the following ways:

  • Providing supplemental funds for staff salaries so that patient fees can be kept low and to provide urgently needed personnel.
  • Providing education for strategic employees to equip them to lead the hospital forward.
  • Resources for medicines, equipment, and infrastructure.
  • Raising funds in order to begin construction of staff housing on-site in order to keep staff nearby for clinical emergencies.

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