Online Application To Join A Surgery Team

We are excited you are considering traveling with us to serve in Malawi.  It takes a small army of about 30 people to conduct a surgery trip.  It is a large time and financial commitment, but extremely rewarding.  Please share this opportunity with others who might be interested.

Before applying, please note the following:

  • We welcome both medical and non-medical people to apply.  It takes both to make this trip successful.  Some positions, particularly the non-medical positions, fill up early.  We apologize if spots fill up in advance.
  • Some parents ask about bringing children with them.  The minimum age to apply is 16 years old.  Our bed space is limited, so we may or may not be able to accommodate teens.
  • Your deposit is non-refundable.  Should you need to cancel your spot on the trip, funds raised will go towards the mission or another team member of your choosing.  If for some reason we cannot accept your application (i.e. the positions are filled), your deposit will be returned to you.  The deposit does count towards total funds raised.
  • Even if you have traveled with us before, please fill out this application in its entirety.  Addresses, phone numbers, and other details change from time to time.  This helps ensure we have accurate records to book your trip.
  • Please note that some cities (like Nashville) require an overnight stay in Washington D.C. to connect with the outbound international flight.  If your departure city falls into this category, we will communicate with you, make the hotel arrangements with other team members, and cover this cost.
  • Once your application is received and reviewed, we’ll contact you.  Once accepted, we’ll begin emailing you your training materials and fundraising approach so you can get started.
  • An airline ticket will not be purchased for you until at least $700 is in your account.  You will review all itineraries prior to their purchase.
  • Medical personnel will be required to submit copies of diplomas, transcripts, and certificates in order to obtain a license with the Malawi Medical Council.  We will guide you through this process when these are needed.
  • We understand that life happens and occasionally people are forced to withdraw from the trip.  If this situation happens to you, please inform us immediately so we can recruit others to fill your position.

June 2018 Positions Remaining

Team is full- 0 positions (full)

Sept 13-23, 2018 Positions Remaining

Surgeon- 0 positions (full)

Anesthesia- 0 positions (full)

1st Assist- 2 positions

Scrub- 2 positions

Nurses- 6 positions

Laboratory tech- 1 positions

Students- 4 positions

Non-medical- 6 positions

Kitchen Manager- 1 position