Download a List of Needed Items Here

The Malawian leadership of Blessings Hospital has the following items as priorities we are currently seeking resources to assist with:

  • Monthly (either full or partial) support for a Malawian medical professional so that we can keep patient fees as low as possible.  Supporting a local nurse is approximately $250 per month.
  • Construction of on-campus staff housing.  Because of the lack of transportation resources, it is imperative to be able to keep our medical staff nearby for emergency medical needs.  Cost:  $10,000 per house.
    Sol Faulkner lays new water pipe in March 2011
  • Improved waste disposal by purchasing an incinerator.  Cost $20,000
  • Funds for the construction of an improved street sign on the main highway to attract better visibility & inform the community of patient services ($1,000).
  • Physical plant improvements (to our facility now 15 years old) such as painting, hot water, & safety fences. (any amount)
    James & Becky Bagwell operate the autoclave on a surgery trip in Nov 2012
  • A list of consumables & equipment (such as suture, gloves, etc that are needed, as well as surgical instruments) can be downloaded here.

You can help meet these needs by a one-time gift or an ongoing monthly donation of any amount.  

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